Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have nine tattoos.  I kind of wanted to be a rock star, but so far, that's been put on the back burner.   I've been itching to get a few more (I swear, it's something about the ink...:).  There are some quotes I want, and I'd really like a bird.
The thing is, they need to be somewhere no entirely visible in my teacher clothes.
I have one on my stomach (a symbol for strength and power...or soup, who really knows?), a small star on my rib, two small stars on my back, a moon between my shoulder blades (it's Celtic), a sun (it's a "tramp stamp," but trust me, it was NOT called that when I got it!!!), a symbol for happiness to the left of that, and Leo zodiac on my foot and one on the inside of my left arm.
I love them all :).
I got my first when I was 16. I was attempting to of course my parents took me.  They didn't want me going to some tattoo place by myself, and they pretty much knew I'd go anyway. It was impossible to rebel! :)  I got mine before it was "cool" or a fad, but I suppose that doesn't matter now. :)
These are the ones I'm thinking about now:

Oscar Wilde
I'm not sure exactly where this would go, but somewhere on my back.
I also want a bird or birds. I've seen some pretty neat ones. I don't want swallows or anything...I want tiny, nondescript birds...probably on my back as well.  I saw a really cool one on the top of the shoulder...but I'm not sure I could do that as it might show, even in work clothes.
  I've seen some cool ones on tumblr.
I did try to post the picture, but that almost ended with my throwing my computer out the nearest window...I can't do that! I need my computer :).  It kept saying that firefox was not responding.  I think I swore at firefox a few times, that saucy minx.
Do you have/want any tattoos?  

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