Monday, October 24, 2011

Picture fail.

Here's my accent finger! :)
(Okay, so I cannot get blogger to work for me.  Go to amazon and check out the colors and picture in your heads the awesomeness that is my accent finger of Mrs. Claus!)
The light pink is China Glaze's Go Go Pink, and the accent finger is China Glaze's Mrs. Claus.

Do you ever feel that there's not enough wine in the world?  Today was one of those days. It wasn't a bad day, per say, it was one of those "every-little-thing-goes-wrong" sort of days.  That's all.
We had cheese, crackers, and wine ($6 a bottle Lanbrusco...yum!) for dinner. Is it sad that I started to type whine???
It was delicious.
Do you ever feel that you don't know what you want to be when you grow up?
I guess it's good that I don't feel like a grown up yet.
Is it sad that I'm excited to teach Macbeth?  Screw these sonnets...on to the good stuff.
I also cannot wait until the play is done. They're doing great *knocks on wood* but I'm EXHAUSTED. Plum tired. I just want to get home at a normal hour. These 50+ hour work weeks are killing me.
Thank goodness for kitties and my husband's hilarious wallet that resembles George's from Seinfeld.

(I tried to add another picture. Today is one big EPIC FAIL.)

Happy Monday, folks!

<3 Gretchen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Knitting and Friends and Books and...

How was everyone's weekend?  We played music trivia yesterday and our team got 3rd place! :)  Also, I, along with a colleague, took 42 students on a field trip (Career Day!) and we not only survived, but the kids were amazing!!! :)  It was nice :).
  • So, on the recommendation of Crazy Shenanigans-JMO I'm thinking of taking up knitting. Just after looking at Amazon for a few seconds, I feel like I'm already in over my head :).  Any recommendations of where to start?  What sort of needles to get? Yarn? 
  • I've decided that any time anyone says/does/suggests something that I feel is ridiculous, I'm going to tilt my head, look at them as if they are crazy, and walk away. Because that's the response they deserve.
  • B and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday. :)  We went to Harvey's and ditched the diets. It was awesome.  
  • I was working out today and watched the last episode of Friends. And cried.  That is the best TV show ever made. I watch it every time I catch it on TV.  I miss it.  I really haven't gotten into a TV show since then.
  • Sorry my posts are typically picture-free. I know it's visually boring. I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures.  
  • I got a lot of Christmas shopping done this weekend...mostly online.  I also got myself some goodies from Sephora.  Yay for friends and family events!  If I remember, I'll post the loot when I get it.
  • I've been doing pretty good at working out in the morning before work. I can only do about 30 minutes, but it's better than nothing. I finally got about 75 minutes in today. It felt pretty good.  I've lost 8 pounds so far!
  • I've been reading "Can You Keep a Secret?" recently. I love Sophie Kinsella, and I'm pretty surprised that I've never read this book.  The main character is so much like me!
  • Any good book recommendations?  I'm trying to read more, as I used to, but don't really have a lot of time now. I'm trying to make more time for me, since work already gets over 50+ hours a week!  I need balance, and gosh darn it, I'm going to get it!
Well, I hope you have an awesome week! Do something fun/nice for yourself!

<3 Gretchen

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I would like to accomplish. Someday.

I have lofty goals.
I think that's okay.
I just have NO energy (or time) to attempt to accomplish them.
I'd like to, though.
I think I need a swift kick in the pants.
Ahem.  Here are my lofty (and not-so-loft) goals.

1. I would like to write a book.  I haven't really chosen a topic. I'm not sure if it will be fiction or non-fiction...but I'd like to write a book.
This is something my brother could do in his sleep...and I really wish he would...because then I could life vicariously through him.
2. I would like to create a blog dedicated to all of the silly/awesome things my dad says and does, but I don't want to embarrass him.  Everyone would LOVE it though, because he really is a riot :).  Kind of like Shit My Dad Says, but my dad doesn't say shit...they're gems of awesomesauce.
3. I want to write a song so amazing that it ends up on the radio.
4. I want to learn how to play piano.
5. I want to do a cover album of a mish-mash of my favorite songs and have the original song writer/singer be really impressed :).
6. I want to cook a full meal...tons of courses, and have the timing down perfectly.  I'm terrible with cooking timing...I can make a decent meal, but something will always be cold because I either forgot to make something, or made it too late, or underestimated the cooking's exasperating.  I just watched the Pioneer Woman's cooking show...she's so freaking adorable and makes it seem so easy, but ten buck I mess everything up.
7. I want to learn to knit/crochet.  Whichever is easier to do first.
8. I want to have time to blog every day...and actually have interesting things to say.  Most days I'm too tired to sort my mail.
9. I want to be organized.  (See above) 

What are some of your lofty and not-so-lofty goals?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

China Glaze's Foxy

Sorry for the craptastic photos and paint job...this color is just so pretty I had to share! :)

I've been loving the dark fall colors's hard to choose a favorite color/brand :).  This particular polish went on very smoothly and easily.  This is two coats. China Glaze always seems to go on easily, at least that I've discovered.  It's not too pricey, which is also nice, and they have great colors!
What's your favorite nail polish color/brand?

*I was not compensated in any way. This is just my honest opinion about the brand/color.  I purchased the polish myself :)  Not that I would turn down any freebies! ;)

Go Lions! Go Tigers! Go Bears?

Well, I suppose I have Wizard of Oz on the brain.  The hubby is happy because both his teams are kicking major booty!  He's such a loyal fan :)
Here's another brain dump (someone in the bloggy world used that phrase last week and I liked it!).
  • I have migraines.  I kind of thought I did...and I've had them for about a year.  They're not too severe, but they suck.  I get throbbing/pulsing pain, nausea, and language problems (I cannot find my words!).
  • I had one last night/today.  Good times, especially since I had to go take down the float (4th place out of 4...seriously.), and I still have some papers to grade and add into the gradebook.  Teachers lead such fun and exciting lives.
  • I did get a hair cut yesterday...just a trim. I got my eyebrows waxed, too. It's been a while and right as she was about to rip the cotton strip off, I told her how terrified I was of the pain since I couldn't remember to what degree it hurt.  She really appreciated that ;). 
  • Spirit week is done. Now I can have normal work days again...until the holidays. :)
  • Sunday is laundry day. It would be nice to have time to do some during the week. I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future.
  • I <3 spell check.  It is my hero.
  • We went to see a musical last night called The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  It was super funny.  The character Leaf was my favorite.
  • We're making Polish Meatloaf tonight for dinner...yay!  It's from a Polish meatball recipe that we turned into meatloaf. Way easier (not that meatballs are all that complex...). Mashed potatoes and frozen veggies?  Yum!
  • I wore leggings with a tunic sweater for the first time yesterday. I liked it, but I felt pretty self-conscious all night.
  • I'm so excited for the holidays this year! I love decorating for Christmas and shopping for presents :).
  • I've lost 8 pounds so far. Yay!  I'll be down to my goal weight in a month or two!  I'm on (GVATM if you want to add me).
Well, I hope you guys have an awesome week!

<3 Gretchen