Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Amber over at http://www.brunchwithamber.com/ did this today, so I'm totally copying her :).

Current book: I've got so many, but I've been a slacker in the reading department lately. Right now I'm reading the script for Rumors for our fall show.

Current playlist:
Hurricane Drunk, Dog Days are Over, Howl--Florence and the Machine
Anything by Counting Crows

Current Color:
Fingers--You Don't Know Jacques, OPI
Toes--William Tell Me All About OPI, OPI
I'm really liking the darker colors right now...I think I'm ready for fall. :)

Current Drink:

Current Food:
Raspberry Yogurt, Dannon Light and Fit

Current Favorite Show:
30 Rock
Happy Endings
Drinking Made Easy

Current Wishlist:
Weight loss, new school clothes :), a great year

Current needs:
My Code of Conduct to be written, bulletin boards done, copies made :)
New workout

Current triumphs:
Both shows are picked out for the year!

Current bane(s) of my existence:
Whiny people

Current #1 blessing:
B and my fam

Current indulgence:
Roscato (sooooo delicious!)

Current outfit:
Aero sweats and a reallllllllly old tank top

Current excitement:
My new screen door :)

Current mood:

<3 Gretchen

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Zara said...

AHHH! I love OPI and am wearing the same exact color on my fingers right now!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!