Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Monday

Hello lovelies!

It's list time again!

1. I've been doing laundry like a mad woman today. Nothing like heading back to work soon to make you realize you have a ton of work clothes that need to be cleaned/ironed. Also, I pretty much lay everything flat to dry. I'm running out of space! :)
2. I'm soooo sick of whiners (yes, I'm aware of the irony of whining in my post about whiners :). There is one person in particular that if said person isn't whining about something said person isn't talking. Ugh.
3. I bought some new things from Kohl's online today! I hope I ordered the right sizes.

I got the skirt in the other color (not that I can remember the name), but I ordered it sight unseen, because they don't have an image of the color yet.
4. I also ordered my first pair of TOMS last week (Did I tell you that already?). They're red and should be here tomorrow!

5. My hubby ordered me the cutest jacket from Lands End Canvas last week, and wouldn't you know, UPS went and screwed everything up. Anyone out there have trouble with UPS? They tried blaming it on the USPS (which hubby works for, and they, at least for us, are GREAT! So, be nice, please :), told him their supervisor was busy, hung up on him, and then tried to pawn it off on the store. It basically had made it all the way to a town nearby, and has now been to NE and IA! (Which, btw, is nowhere near us!)  We weren't looking to play the blame game...we just wanted to know what the deal was. It's not like I still won't use UPS, I'm just irritated at how terrible customer service has become. Rant over. :)  Hopefully I'll have the coat in my grubby little paws by Wednesday.
6. I've been working on a Code of Conduct for my drama class. You can find so much online! It's great. :)
Well, laundry calls!
Happy Monday!
<3 Gretchen

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