Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keep your business to yourself...and other nonsense :).

Looks like I'm a once-a-week blogger. I guess that's okay. :)

Today I want to talk about why leggings are not pants. That's not to say that you can't wear appropriate leggings with a long tunic...that's totally acceptable.
Leggings worn with a short top (one that doesn't cover your bum) should be illegal. Especially white leggings. Ugh. That's sharing a bit too much information.
Additionally, sheer leggings should absolutely have a top or skirt to cover you up.
As a side note...tights or stockings are NOT leggings and should not be worn as such. I say all of this because I've seen it. Leggings should come with a warning label like blow dryers. I.E. These leggings should not be worn as pants. You may be showing your business to people that don't need (or want) to see it.

I tried Nutella today. Um...that is fabulousness in a jar. It's delicious. Thanks to Amber @ LIFE AS WE KNOW IT for spreading the wealth of this amazing little treat!

I feel like I've been doing laundry all. day. Did you know it takes two washes to get the icky smell of smoke out of your clothes? We went to music trivia last night (we came in third! Yay!) and ugh...let's just say I cannot wait for Michigan to go smoke-free. Yippee!

Today at Target I tried on the cutest sandals...and the darn bunion hurt. I didn't even MOVE in them...I'm thinking that means the bunion must go. Truthfully, I'm not sure if I really want to have the surgery, because it's a long recovery (6 weeks!), but it's been a long time coming...anyone have the surgery? What's it like?

Happy last week of January! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Turns out I'm not too great at this blogging thing. I think it just takes time to figure out what to write about...and like I've said always sounds better in my head than on paper. When I actually have TIME to write something, I can't remember it :).
Gah. I can barely remember what to get at the grocery store. With a list.

I've decided I'm only low carb. during the week. I need to be able to eat what I want on the weekends. I still haven't been snacking, so that's good. Plus, I've found that I eat less of the bad stuff. That's good...right?

This is going to be a busy week. Grades are due, we have rehearsal three days after school and I have homework for my second to last master's class. Yippee. I mean that truly for the second to last class and sarcastically for the homework. I've found that most things in life entail jumping through big, fiery hoops.
Isn't the word fiery weird? Fire is spelled fire...yet fiery? I'm an English teacher, and it still makes no sense to me. It's as if people just randomly decided how words should be spelled. I wonder if they drew from a hat, or someone lost a bet. Or won a bet on the strangest spellings they could come up with...

We went to see "Leap Year" yesterday. It was pretty cute. Typical chick flick with your typical happy ending, but that's what I like. We all get a bit too much reality these days. Amy Adams is adorable, and the scenery is gorgeous.

I was thinking of doing some Outfit of the Day (OOTD) posts, but then I was thinking that no one really wants to see what a teacher who shops at Kohl's, NY and Co., and Target wears. :) If you want to see it, (all two followers! Love you!) let me know.

I've been really itching to read lately. It's the forever student in me. Or something. I really like reading, but find that I don't have a lot of time to read a WHOLE. BOOK. Oh my. Or I can't concentrate. Or I fall asleep. I have a lot of books I'm waiting to buy on Amazon on my wish list...lots of Zen and de-clutter books. :) Any recommendations?

Happy Sunday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why white bras and white shirts do not belong together

So, I can't really even remember the last timed I owned a white bra. I think we all have made that mistake...especially in high school, when you're just impressed that you need a bra at all...figuring, "Hey, I'm going to wear a white shirt, that white bra would be PERFECT underneath it!" Shockingly, people still do this. Really. Take a minute.
I did this once with a gray shirt. (Well, I'm sure I did this tons of times in high school. The only color bra I OWNED was white. I doubt I even knew they made other colors. I had no idea why anyone would even want a skin toned bra. Again, I was just happy I got to wear one.) We were on a trip to Cedar Point and strangely there was a ride...I doubt it's even there anymore. There have probably been twenty rides in it's place since then. Anyway, with this particular ride, the line to wait was inside. With black lights. Yup. So, there I was. Gray shirt, white bra. My boobs were glowing (yes, glowing) through my shirt. Nope, obviously I was not awkward enough.
There is a solution. It's called a NUDE bra! It's amazing. You can get them in all skin tones and then, you can't see your bra outline. I know there are some old school ladies that don't believe me, but try it. You'll never go back.

Anyway, day one down of low carb. I've eaten more veggies today than in my entire life collectively. I'm officially a rabbit. I haven't had any chocolate. I'm surprised I haven't lost it completely.
My exercise today was shoveling the driveway. I'll do anything to get out of real exercise. Really. Laundry? Homework? Housework? Well, let's not push it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I started this blog because I really like (liked?) to write, and I don't have an outlet at this time. I used to sing and write songs, but I think teaching sucks the creative right out for anything else useful. I'm pretty random and I often have a million different thoughts running through my head at any given moment...typically not on topic of what is going on around me, but because I don't know any different, I'll assume that's normal.

It's going to take me a while to get the thoughts from my head to come out right on paper (computer screen?), so bear with me. I have some ideas for some funny posts. I'm not always proper, PC, or nice in my head. Lucky for you, I now have some place to put all of that.


This is not one of those posts. :)

Well, I just spent over 30 minutes cutting up veggies (subsequently getting water all over the counter, floor, rug, and my socks :) and cheese because I'm starting the dreaded "low carb" fun tomorrow. It seemed to work over the summer for the hubby, and I suppose a challenge is always a good thing. Right? I'm not sure if this would be called a resolution...I'm hoping more of an overall lifestyle change. Hubs lost fifteen pounds the last time he tried this...fifteen pounds??? I'm just hoping I have the willpower to stick it out for one day...let alone a week (or more!). In addition, I will attempt to work out...all while teaching, directing a musical, going to class and seeing my family. :) And now, updating a blog with things witty and interesting enough to lure people in...I mean, keep people interested.
Has anyone else made a resolution this year? How's that going for you?

Welcome! :)

Welcome to my blog! Here I will rambling on about very unimportant things :). Most of you will be used to this ;).

More later!