Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hooray for Wednesday!

  • Today was another workout so I can drink wine sort of days...not that I'm not loving that I've lost 4 whole pounds so far! :)  It was just one of those weeks  days. :)  Not that it was a bad day...just a wine day :).  You ladies know what I mean. We got Middle Sister Sweet and Sassy Moscato...yum.
  • Sorry I've been so absent lately! Work is just very busy...and I've been so tired lately!  It's going to get even crazier with float building (Homecoming is next weekend, Fall begins FRIDAY. Friday, people!) and play practice. :)  
  • I have been reading though, and trying to comment as much as I can.  Does anyone else come home to 84 blogs in their reader each night?  Is it just me?
  • We've already got our set mostly set up! We need the walls and everything, but furniture is out and mostly in place. It's so nice and such a change from other years. Also? No set changes. Once everything is in place, we're good to go. :)  
  • I need to order more coffee for my Keurig. I really want to use my points to buy a new, fancier Keurig, but I'm waiting because my machine isn't that old and works pretty well still. It makes really odd noises now and then...any other Keurig owners experience this? Also, some mornings it fakes me out and acts like it's not going to give me my coffee. WTF?
  • I bought Bridesmaids today! I <3 that movie! It's so funny. I pretty much want to be Kristen Wiig. Or at least like her. She's so funny!
  • I also bought cotton balls, twinkle lights, and make up for The Wizard of Oz even though we're not doing that until winter. Halloween is a drama teacher's dream holiday. So many cheap costumes and so much cheap make up. YAY.
  • We had our entryway painted this past's a burnt orange color and it looks amazing! I have a blog post all planned out in my head for it. :)  I still need to upload the pictures.
Well, I'm exhausted. Happy almost Thursday (which, really, is almost Friday...which is almost the weekend!) :).

<3 Gretchen

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love lists. Lists, lists, lists.

Okay. So I'm a terrible blogger when I'm working. I'm sorry.
I also have a cold. Boo. It's not bad as colds's just the pressure on my face that get's to me.
On to my list :).

1. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte today...with nonfat milk!  260 calories, and totally worth it! (I worked out while sick just so I could get one.)
2. I went shopping today even though I feel crummy and didn't buy anything (my mom bought me the PSL).  Maybe a cold is the secret to saving money?
3. Even though I am the worst. blogger. ever., I've still been reading all your blogs! Promise! :)
4. I've been burned twice in a week by companies that ship through Amazon.  I bought a cute 3 pack of socks (weird, I know) that only arrived at my house with 2 socks (Amazon was awesome about it), and I bought a Furminator (coolest cat hair brush ever) and it had been obviously opened and scotch taped closed, returned, and apparently promptly sent to my house. Say what?  I wrote to the company, but shockingly haven't heard from them. Ugh. Major disappointment.
5. I mistook my first car payment for my jeep as junk mail. Oops.  They were really nice about my idiocy.
6. Does anyone else get tooth pain with sinus pressure?  It's really strange.
7. I've been trying to drink more water, but I'm really bad at it at work.  It's hard to want to when you know you can't pee for 150 minutes at a time.  (That's a looooong time to not be able to pee.)  Anyone out there with a job where you can use the bathroom when you need to? 
8. I made chicken noodle soup last night...but it's more like a casserole because I added too many noodles. They soaked up all the broth. Oops.
9. Well, I think it's nap time for my poor sickie self.  Time to pop in a Christmas move and veg :).

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

<3 Gretchen

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's time for a random post!

I love lists. :)
  • Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm actually feeling okay...could it be because this is my 6th year of doing this or has it just not kicked in yet?
  • Yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry.  Today? I didn't do anything! :) (Not even my hair!)
  • I need to paint my nails and toes nails (China Glaze Recycle and Foxy, respectively).
  • I've actually been losing weight! (Really slowly)  I've been keeping track of my calories on myfitnesspal (look me up! gvatm), and I think that's really been helping. Even if I go over my calories, it's never by too much. (okay, sometimes it is...oops!)
  • What are you wearing to work tomorrow?  Do you plan your outfits ahead of time or wing it in the morning?
  • I think I'm wearing this stripped target dress with a cardigan and heels.  

  • I can't find a picture of the shoes...sorry!

  • I try really hard to plan ahead, but no more than a day. If I plan a week ahead, I end up hating the outfit and wasting so much time in the morning. I have to be comfortable with what I'm wearing or the day just starts off crappy (and typically goes downhill from there).
  • Is anyone else like that?
  • I tend to get in a clothing rut in the winter because it just gets so darn cold here and all I want is to be warm and comfortable.
  • Is anyone else as obsessed with etsy as me?  I've been trying to be really careful with what I buy, but sometimes it's really hard!  There are so many cute and unique things on there!
Well, I hope everyone has a great week!

<3 Gretchen