Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Okay up!

I'm linking up with Neely at Amber at for It's Okay Thursday! :)

It's Okay...

that my mom still comes and helps me set up my classroom (thanks, mom!).

that I don't have any pictures (yet) of my awesomesause classroom.

that even though I had the whoooooole summer off, I'm still sad tomorrow is pretty much my last real day of vacation.

to keep thinking of more things I need to buy for work (clothes, calendars, etc). (I got a few things from Kohl's...if they come in tomorrow, I'll post pics!)

to enjoy "wedding season," but be happy you only have two more weddings to go to this year (out of six).

to like drafting for fantasy football, but still not understand the game.

to love reading, but not actually feel like it sometimes.

<3 Gretchen


Nicole said...

Fantasy Football! Yay! I love you already! Lol my draft is aug 31 & this is my 2nd yr so I am ready to kick some butt! Haha. Good luck with yours! Email me if u need help :)

Amber said...

I love that your mom helps you with your classroom :)

Shasta Anne said...

I can identity with so many of these statements, except for being a teacher, but it is great that you have help setting up!

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