Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolutions...

Or as Clinton Kelly calls them, evolutions.

I like the sound of that.

I've never been very good at keeping a resolution.  Shocking to the people I know, right?  I'm a perfectionist, and if something isn't perfect right from the get-go, I quit.  It's a terribly quality, yes, I'm aware.
So the idea of an evolution (Thanks, Clinton!) is pretty appealing to me.  It doesn't have to be perfect's a life change!  It's small and manageable!  I'll barely notice!
We'll see if I can actually do this, because in classic Gretchen style...I'm going to try to outdo myself. I'm great at setting myself up!

My year-long resolutions evolutions are as follows:

1. Read more for fun (not for work).  I LOVE reading. I used to hide under my covers with a flashlight reading into the wee hours of the morning...stuff I enjoyed. Now? It's hard to find the time. (Sorry, I'm busy reading research papers and analytical papers and spelling tests and worksheets and tests...need I go on?  My brain wants to, but my eyes say NO).  I'd like to read a book a week, but I think that's a lofty a book every two weeks?   That sounds reasonable.  And maybe I'll stay off the Facebooks a bit more and my mind won't be so mushy either.

2. Actually get into shape. Round is not the shape I'd like to be in at this point in my life.  With my thyroid issues (some days it's on, some days it's's FUN!) I know this will be tricky until I can be on medication, but even if I don't lose too much weight, I can still be healthy and get into shape. This means working out 3-5 times a week and eating healthier (the 80/20 rule will work for me). Unfortunately, this means I have to break up with Cheez-its.  Ho hum.

3. Practice music again.  Play my guitar. Write songs.  Don't quit when it's not easy.  Sing because I love it and miss it (and my car doesn't count).

4. Not worry so much about work.  I am always looking for new and fun ways to get my kids to enjoy (tolerate? Yes, for some) literature, so I'm not sure why I worry about it all the time.  I do my very best and that's actually pretty awesome.

5. Less time on my phone.  No really, Facebooks. We need some time apart. (Although, I'm addicted to Trivia Crack right now...that doesn't count because I have to use my brain, right???)

6.Do more of the things I love and less mindless stuff (this kind of dips into #2, #3, #4,...and it's pretty self-explanatory). Use my time more wisely/efficiently.

7. More contact with friends. I'm not really a phone person, and I'd rather text than talk, so we'll go with that. I will text my friends more so they know I love them :) (But they don't have to feel obligated to really talk to me too much!). And spend more time with the people I love.

8. Organize my house. Get rid of/donate stuff I don't need/use.  I hate clutter and yet I'm surrounded.

9. Be kind. (Even to myself!).  Stop being so critical.

Wow. That's a big list! It's all about baby steps though.  I know I won't be perfect and I won't do all of this all at once. And that's the great thing about what I've chosen.  It's an evolution. Life changes. All good things and all doable things. :)

What are your resolutions evolutions?

Happy New Year!