Saturday, January 12, 2013

Positivity (I know it's not a word :) vs. Negativity

I need to worry about others less--what they think, what they do...I know I waste so much valuable time worrying about what someone thinks about me or what I'm doing. Why does it matter?

I also know I waste a lot of time thinking/worrying about others and their attitudes...I can't change people, and worrying just takes time away from important things.

I'm definitely not perfect. In fact, I screw up ALL the time.

Negativity gleans negative results.
If all you do is complain, especially in a public venue, don't expect positive things to come your way.  Have you noticed this?

There's so much negativity in the world.

It's tiring
It's upsetting.
It makes me sad.

Why do people feel they can share everything they are thinking right to your face? Just because YOU think it doesn't make it so.

How I feel about myself and what I do should not come from others.
That's not to say criticism isn't necessary.  It should be done in a proper way.

This is what I need to do:

What to focus on - Signed Print

And this:

In fact, that's what EVERYONE should do.  Focus on happy. Seek out the joy. Stop criticizing because it's easy, and be nice, even though it's harder.  Just be nice. See what happens.

If you are positive, positive things will find you.

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Christina said...

I love this! I just tweeted today that I'm unfollowing all the negative people on twitter, facebook and blogger because I just don't want to see it anymore.