Monday, January 11, 2010

Why white bras and white shirts do not belong together

So, I can't really even remember the last timed I owned a white bra. I think we all have made that mistake...especially in high school, when you're just impressed that you need a bra at all...figuring, "Hey, I'm going to wear a white shirt, that white bra would be PERFECT underneath it!" Shockingly, people still do this. Really. Take a minute.
I did this once with a gray shirt. (Well, I'm sure I did this tons of times in high school. The only color bra I OWNED was white. I doubt I even knew they made other colors. I had no idea why anyone would even want a skin toned bra. Again, I was just happy I got to wear one.) We were on a trip to Cedar Point and strangely there was a ride...I doubt it's even there anymore. There have probably been twenty rides in it's place since then. Anyway, with this particular ride, the line to wait was inside. With black lights. Yup. So, there I was. Gray shirt, white bra. My boobs were glowing (yes, glowing) through my shirt. Nope, obviously I was not awkward enough.
There is a solution. It's called a NUDE bra! It's amazing. You can get them in all skin tones and then, you can't see your bra outline. I know there are some old school ladies that don't believe me, but try it. You'll never go back.

Anyway, day one down of low carb. I've eaten more veggies today than in my entire life collectively. I'm officially a rabbit. I haven't had any chocolate. I'm surprised I haven't lost it completely.
My exercise today was shoveling the driveway. I'll do anything to get out of real exercise. Really. Laundry? Homework? Housework? Well, let's not push it.


Jules said...

Yes, the other day on FB I didn't want to post my bra color with everyone else because it would have read: Julie Mitchell NUDE. And I thought people might get the wrong idea.

Gretchen said...

Or maybe it's the right idea! Whoo whoo! :)