Sunday, January 10, 2010


I started this blog because I really like (liked?) to write, and I don't have an outlet at this time. I used to sing and write songs, but I think teaching sucks the creative right out for anything else useful. I'm pretty random and I often have a million different thoughts running through my head at any given moment...typically not on topic of what is going on around me, but because I don't know any different, I'll assume that's normal.

It's going to take me a while to get the thoughts from my head to come out right on paper (computer screen?), so bear with me. I have some ideas for some funny posts. I'm not always proper, PC, or nice in my head. Lucky for you, I now have some place to put all of that.


This is not one of those posts. :)

Well, I just spent over 30 minutes cutting up veggies (subsequently getting water all over the counter, floor, rug, and my socks :) and cheese because I'm starting the dreaded "low carb" fun tomorrow. It seemed to work over the summer for the hubby, and I suppose a challenge is always a good thing. Right? I'm not sure if this would be called a resolution...I'm hoping more of an overall lifestyle change. Hubs lost fifteen pounds the last time he tried this...fifteen pounds??? I'm just hoping I have the willpower to stick it out for one day...let alone a week (or more!). In addition, I will attempt to work out...all while teaching, directing a musical, going to class and seeing my family. :) And now, updating a blog with things witty and interesting enough to lure people in...I mean, keep people interested.
Has anyone else made a resolution this year? How's that going for you?


jessfata9 said...

My resolution is game night once a week with the kids.
I was doing the low carb before the holidays. I lost 6lbs in 18 days. I just took out the "bad" carbs. I had WAY more energy and was less hungry. My favorite snack (or sometimes lunch) is romaine lettuce wraps with hummus, low fat cheese and turkey. Just roll up and enjoy! My girlfriend also make a BLT that way (in between to lettuce wraps). Good luck!

jessfata9 said...

oops. I didn't edit my comment before I posted it. I just noticed a bunch of mistakes. Sorry :)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the low carb tips! I was asking Bryan what I could eat...I just don't want to get crabby...grrr...:).
Game nights are fun! I would like to do that, too.

jessfata9 said...

When I am craving something sweet, I have a spoonful of Nutella (cocao and hazelnut spread) or Organic peanut butter. It usually hits the spot. Of course, I went off the wagon for a while but I've been back on for a few days. It really takes a lot of planning. No eating on the run. Oh! If you like chili, Wendy's is lowfat and low carb.

Gretchen said...

Thanks! :)