Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back to the grind.. least for about 9 more weeks! Then it's summer break!
Not that you'd know from the weather we've been having.
It still says flurries in the forecast for later in the week...I still have hopes that it will warm up.  I'm about ready to lose my mind.

This will be a random post all about things on my mind lately! :)

  • I did my hair "natural" today.
  • This means I didn't straighten it--I scrunched it with this:
I got mine at Ulta.  So far, so good. I like it, and I'm able to be lazy with my hair. Win/Win.

  • I finally got to run outside again today. It was still freezing, but not as bad as it has been.  
  • I hate bundling up to run.
  • I'm jealous of all of you that don't ever have to.
  • I'm VERY slow.
  • I have no internal drive to be faster.
  • I'm absolutely not competitive.
  • I need new running shoes.  Any favorites?
  • I'm tired of being a worrier. 
  • I worry about things I cannot possibly change...mostly because other people worry about said things.
  • Silly things that will probably change anyway.
  • I don't like when people who do not understand things make the rules.
  • I have SO much to do when I get back to work.
  • I'm just going to get to as much as I can each day and not stress about it. Nothing is pressing and HAS to be done immediately, so I'll get to everything when I get to it.
  • I'm excited to paint my nails and toenails! 
  • We can finally wear sandals again at work (I'm aware it's still freezing...I don't care as long as I don't have to wear tights)
  • This is the color I'm going to paint my toenails:
It's China Glaze Flying Dragon :).

  • Finger nails:
China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Both images from Amazon :).
I purchased mine at Ulta.

Okay, well, I'm starving, and you're probably bored.
Time for grocery shopping!
Have a great week!



Epic Thread said...

Oh man, I need to get myself some new nail polish! Flip flop season is here.

Jillian -

Christina said...

I can't believe you had flurries in April! I'm a worrier too. My mom was and it used to drive me crazy, especially as a teenager. And now I've turned into her! Haha! I love both of those polish colors!