Monday, July 9, 2012

What's on my mind :)

This is going to be a list/brain dump post :).  So, pretty much my standard? 

I'm starting a boot camp tonight.
I'm a little nervous.
I'm kind of a wussy.

I ran three miles yesterday and the day before!
I never thought I'd be able to do that.

We got back from our SF trip LAST Monday.
My suitcase is still sitting in our bedroom.
At least it's mostly empty?
I hate unpacking.

I signed up for the Pig Gig 5K in August.
It's one week after our Warrior Dash, so I guess I'll run the next 5K if I live through the WD.

This summer has been so busy.
It's flying by.

Do you want to see some pictures from the trip? :)

Pic 1=The Painted Ladies (or the houses from Full House!)
Pic 2=The view from the parking garage near Pier 39
Pic 3=Wedding decorations from the wedding we went to (gorgeous!)
Pic 4=The Golden Gate Bridge
Pic 5=Clos LaChance...the wedding venue/vineyard

Happy Monday!

<3 Gretchen


Jen said...

Your pix are great! And way to go on your running! I started running earlier this year and it has been awesome! We did a mud run in April and are probably doing on in October. They are soo addicting!

Ashlee Christopher said...

I am loving your photography!! FUN BLOG