Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Mish-Mash

Hey all!

What's new? :) 
Can you believe it's already MAY??? May 6th at that. Time does fly.

  • Today B and I ran for 22 minutes without stopping. I know for most of you runners, that's no big deal, but for someone who hasn't run since 10th grade, and someone who never ran, that's pretty sweet. :)  We have our first 5K together on the 20th! I'm nervous, but I think I can do it. Any tips?  
  • I did get new shoes...we went to the Runner's Performance store locally, and they watch how you walk and make shoe suggestions based on that. You can run around in them and see what you think, and then you have 10 days to return them if they're not working out.  So far, I love mine!

  • I am a very (very) slow runner. We run about a 10 minute mile. I'm sure B could go faster, but he hangs back for me. Nice boy. :)

  • Only 13 days left with seniors! Not that I want to wish time away or anything...but anyone who has ever taught seniors at the end of their high school career understands...:)  They're a really great group of kids, but I'm exhausted.

  • We held a comedy night last week to raise money for the drama program. We pretty much sold out! My kids are so hilarious this year. I had to share them with the community. They rocked it.

  • If I see your as a stand in for you're one more time, I may lose it. Your ='s your backpack. You're = you in you're welcome, you're beautiful, etc.

  • Also, apostrophes are typically for's Jim's backpack. The s is just for plurals...backpacks, cupcakes, etc :).  So if you're talking about more than one of something? No apostrophe.

  • I'll get off my English teacher/grammar police soapbox now. 

*I know I'm not perfect, and I do make mistakes...but this is common sense grammar stuff! :)  I'm just trying to make people sound as smart as they are :).

  • My AP kids take their test this week. Eek! It's so nerve wracking.  They prepare all year for a super subjective test.  It's not something like History that you can study just depends on their understanding of a poem or piece of a novel! Rawr.
  • I hosted prom a couple weekends ago. It went very well. The decorations were beautiful and every seemed to have a good time! We were able to borrow a lot of the decorations from a super nice lady :).  Thanks, super nice lady!
Well, I hope you have an awesome week!

<3 Gretchen

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