Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I've learned...recently. :)

Hey Dolls! :)

This is going to be a random post...but I suppose ALL my posts are pretty random :).  Happy Monday!

1. I got new running shoes.  They're Pumas and they're sweet.
I can't wear them to run, however, because my shins hurt when I do. Oops.  They work for my bike and elliptical, though!  Also, if I run on my toes, my shins don't hurt (in these shoes)...are you supposed to run on your toes?

2. I really like being on vacation. A lot.  Only 42 days left of school for the year. Not that I'm counting.

3. The new Coconut Lemongrass lotion and room spray from Scentsy?  Ah-Maz-ing. (There's my Happy Endings shout out!)  Get yourself some (and thank Erin for introducing it!  It's vacation in a bottle. Yum.

4. I think the problem with the world is that people are too negative.  Let's start focusing on the positive and just BE NICE.  That's all it would take, people. Be positive. Be nice. That is all.

5. Prom is two weeks away. Eek! It'll be fun, but I'm seriously afraid I'm going to forget something.  Classic Gretchen. I'm nothing if not an unintentional screw up.

6. I REALLY want a Big Carl full some wine tonight, but because I treated all last week like a tropical getaway at home, that's probably not the best idea. Popcorn will have to do.

7. I got some new shades today (on clearance at Macy's).  The bigger the better is always my sunglasses motto!  Seems to be the same motto I have for my ass lately, too...oops.   (And no, I'm not posting a picture of that! :).  The woman who sold me the glasses told me the G was for Guess...I'm pretty sure it's for Gretchen.

8. I'm excited to run again tomorrow! I highly recommend the C25K app! :)

9. "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." --Gandhi

<3 Gretchen


the lovebirds said...

I totally agree~ I was just saying the other day how I feel like people choose to be negative rather than positive. This whole concept goes with your last quote by Gandhi, which I love! xo

Andrea D said...

I used to have SO many issues with shin pain when I ran, although mine was only when I was sprinting or speed walking, not regularly paced running. I hope that goes away! Maybe they just need to be broken in?