Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Mashup ala Mrs. Monologues! Link up!

Thanks, Mrs. Monologues, for hosting this link up! :)
Happy Memorial Day, loves! Go hug a veteran!

So I started running (again...after a super long 17 days I can run 2 miles with nary a problem, and today it was tough to run 1.26 miles. What gives?  Can I blame my allergies?
I do find it difficult to push myself to run more even though I want to and would like to lose some weight.  Any tips from you gorgeous runners out there?  Help a lady out :).  I was sidelined for about two weeks with a hip injury (which still comes and goes). Hrm.

So as I'm running (and wheezing) today, I see these fluffy, white things floating around in the air.  Thanks, pollen. Love you too. My lungs are not big fans.

It is HOT here today in Michigan. It will be cooling down to normal Michigan temps...but I'm not sure I want it to...I like the heat :).

I need a break! Thank goodness we're out for summer shortly. I'm getting desperate.  It will be nice to read for fun and not for grading/educational purposes for a while.

Need I say more?   I've been branching out a bit with things like Pinot Noir and Grigio, but I find I only like them at restaurants, not at home. At home (and, if we're being totally honest, at restaurants, too) I like the sweet stuff.  Maybe I don't buy the right kinds of pinot?  Who knows. Moscato and Lambrusco are still my favs. (Blogger says I'm spelling Pinot wrong...?)

Well, loves, have an awesome day!

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<3 Gretchen

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Mrs. Monologues said...

Yes you can blame your allergies. I like to run 5 to 6 miles when I run and I can barely do three without dying. You go girl! Thanks so much for linking up!