Sunday, January 1, 2012

Resolutions :)

Happy New Year!

I know that resolutions are cliche, but I'm going to make them anyway. :)

1. Eat healthier/get into shape.
 I know this is a typical resolution, but it needs to happen.

2. Get organized.
At home, at work, my brain...I think things would go more smoothly if I could just get it together.

3. Worry less/Realize that I can only control myself/laugh more/have more fun (Serenity now!).
I am a HUGE worry wart. I am a worst-case-scenario kind of person. I guess I'm always prepared, but it's kind of a downer.

4. Take more pictures.
I have NO pictures of ANY holiday festivities! That's no good.

5. Blog more regularly.  (I guess I should add to that: Have more interesting/funny things to say ;). 

To me, these are all logical and things I should be doing anyway!

What are your resolutions? :)

<3  Gretchen


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck on all your resolutions!!

Laura Darling said...

I have a lot of the same ones! Good luck!