Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making Lists

I love making lists. Usually, they are lists of things I need to do for the day or the week, or things I need (want) to buy. I'm going to make a list on here because I haven't blogged in freakin' forever and I start back to work tomorrow and of course, I'm not tired yet (but I will be tomorrow!). This is a list of randomness...pretty much just anything I can think of that I want to put into a list. :)

1. "Cougar Town" is my new favorite show. It is so funny! It makes me laugh out loud...sometimes it's hard to breathe. I cannot wait for the new season to start. I wish my friends all lived in my neighborhood and we could be silly and drink wine and hang out all the time. Friends! Move to my cul de sac!!!
2. Same goes for "The Middle," and "Modern Family."
3. Strange as it sounds, I really don't watch too much least during the school year. We just got DVR from Charter, so now I can tape everything I want to and watch it during my nearly non-existent free time.
4. I painted my toe nails AND my finger nails today. (Not the same color.) This is a big deal, people. I don't think I've painted my nails (and left it on for more than two seconds) since my wedding :). My toes are Affair in Red Square and my nails are You Don't Know Jacques. :) I like it. I hope it doesn't chip.
5. I'm nervous about the school year (typical nervousness), but not as much as I figured I would be this year. I'm the class of 2013 class advisor, I direct two plays (well, one play, one musical) a year, I have my last class before my master's (where I need to get 100 hours outside of work), I have 34 students in my AP class, I'll have a student teacher in the winter and I'm a mentor :). Whew. I'm tired just typing it! Oh! And I want to write a grant for books, etc for the English Dept.
5. I want to start dressing nicer...skirts and whatnot. I just like to be comfortable. I'm not sure if the two mesh. Time will tell.
6. I love Fantasy Football...but I still don't really get the game. :)
7. I think weekends should be three days. I need more time!
8. I like odd numbers.
9. I'm pretty excited (probably too excited) that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. I don't usually go to Starbucks ($6 for coffee? Please!), but I love that and the Peppermint one at Christmas.
10. I've already watched "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation." We went to the "A Christmas Story" House in Cleveland (I freakin' LOVE Cleveland!!! Don't judge.) and met Ian Petrella (Randy!), and I usually start watching Christmas movies in August...:) it's not weird for me. That was rambly.
11. I tend to ramble (and had to end the list for today on an odd number.) :)

What are you favorite kinds of lists?


carpeviam said...

I love the new look! And glad you're back.

I enjoyed your list. I particularly enjoyed that #8 was about liking odd numbers. Ironic? I think so.

Gretchen said...

Thanks! I'm glad I'm back, too. Hopefully I won't wait another six months to post.
Great job with your running! I can't believe you ran 21 miles...I don't think I could make one!

Adorably Distracted... said...

I LOVE that you've already watched Christmas movies! I turned on the T.V a few Sunday mornings ago and Home Alone was on. My FAV!! it made my morning to get ready while that was playing!! :-)