Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eight hour work days? Ha!

I really just haven't felt like blogging lately. I don't have much to say and I don't think people really read it anyway. Which is okay :). I've been really busy. We're gearing up for the winter starts on the 24th! We've have rehearsals four nights a week for the past few weeks, plus I have class on the other night, so busy may be an understatement. My brain and body are on overdrive, so the last thing I want to do is talk/write more about it. I literally come home and sit. I put on my sweats and sit. I absolutely cannot function once I get home. I'm lucky I can even get out on weekends.
Plus, I was in a car accident on Tuesday, so my car is out of commission for a few weeks. Thank goodness my parents are awesome and are letting me borrow one of their cars until I get a loaner. That could be as soon as Tuesday. Luckily, I am okay (I think it's due to my Grandma driving skills!), and the Matrix WILL be okay, so it's all good.
I read an article today about stress relief or getting into shape or something (I don't even remember)...and it said something making sure you had an eight hour work day...lately, mine have been more like eleven hour work days (which probably explains why I cannot function when I get home...let's just said a lot of restaurants know us by name...hmmm...). What a joke! That kind of explains my thighs...I was trying on dresses as Target on Saturday, and caught a glimpse of my's been a while since I've seen them, since I don't have a full-length mirror...oh my. Let's just say I'm counting down the days for the play to be done so I can start working out again! My thighs will thank me!
Today is Valentine's Day. Bryan and I don't typically celebrate, but I wanted to get him something (without a holiday, I would have just given it to him anyway), so he got me Sarah Jessica Parker's new perfume, SJP NYC. It's lovely! I usually wear Clinique Happy with Aeropostale, so it's a bit of a change, but I recommend it highly. Yum. I also got seafoam from St. Laurent Bros. (Thighs? Are you hearing this?) It's my favorite, it's dark chocolate, so it's got to be healthy. Ahem.
I got some super cute patterned tights at JC Penny's on Saturday. They were $14 on sale for $2!What a bargain! I also ordered some adorable boy shorts at American Eagle (Free shipping ends tonight...Thanks Chloe for all the good shopping deals!!!)
Well, Happy Valentine's Day! :) I hope you all have a great week :).
Oh! I almost forgot! We're up for new cell phones in March...right now we both have the Palm Centro...which I LOVE, but I was pondering the Palm Pixi or maybe even a

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