Monday, August 20, 2012

Nothing Really New...

Hey all!

I'm still really terrible at posting with any regularity.
I do read all your blogs on the daily, though, so there's something.
I'll just go with a listy post, because that's what I'm good at and I really have nothing planned to say at the moment.  By the seat of my pants!

Boot camp is done now *yay*...not that I didn't like it, because I really did, but I get tired of routine.  It was M/T/R at 7:00 PM for 6 weeks. Sometimes I want to work out before then, you know?

We've been running a lot more lately...thanks to two inhalers! (Thanks, Dr. K.!)  One is a daily steroid inhaler and the other is considered a rescue inhaler that I use before I work out.

I ran 4.65 miles yesterday. I had to stop because I almost got eaten by a dog. Sometimes I really wonder about our neighbors. There are kids everywhere and the dog is smart enough to escape their electric fence. Awesome.

I bought pepper spray for my outdoor runs from now on.

I ran inside today. I don't like running outdoors alone.

I'm a really slow runner. But the more miles I run during any run, I feel like I can just keep doing more.

The first few miles are the toughest...any way to get past this?  I feel like I don't start to enjoy it until after I've already run 2.

School starts soon! Eek! I have no idea how I get up at 5:00 AM most of the year.

I had a great post written in my head about running and how it's awesome, but it's gone.

No pictures today! I'll try to get better.

Happy Monday!

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