Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December already? Say what?

  • How did I get so busy, and yet still feel like I'm doing nothing? :)
  • I can't believe it's already December.
  • So far, two trees are is decorated.  Hmmm.
  • Our stockings are sitting on a chair.
  • I don't have a wreath on our front door. Yet.
  • The Flurryville guys our out, though!
  • One fell from its perch and broke. Crap.
  • I still play with Webkinz...yup, I'm 32!
  • I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas break.
  • I would like to flee to the Cleve. I've mentioned our strange love for Cleveland, Ohio. I cannot explain it, so I just embrace it.
  • I'm already tired of snow. We've had one snow day. That's enough, Winter.
  • I got double charged at Sephora for mascara...they're being nice about it, but no one has solved my problem quite yet.  I still love you, Sephora. It was a human error...and I don't even blame her. It was her first day and they were BUSY. I'd have been crying behind the register.
  • I tried to get sweaters at New York and Company and couldn't use my kick-ass coupon with their buy one get one in I went online and used my coupon, and got seven sweaters.  With free shipping.  Take that, in store employee!  I feel like I somehow beat the system.
  • I'm scared to attempt to post pictures. Anyone else having issues?
  • I've started working out again. I panic when  I don't think I'll have time during the week...but yer I can't get myself to work out in the morning. I'm way too uncoordinated tired.
  • I would really like a nice relaxing day...I don't see that happening soon.  Oh and everyone else, right?
  • We saw The Muppets movie this weekend. I LOVED it.  It was so funny and a happy ending...which we all could use right now.  I'll take a good, happy story over "reality" any day of the week. Please and thank you.  The movie comes highly recommended by yours truly.
Well, sorry for my lack of posting! :)  Have a great week! I'm off to watch some terrible Christmas movies! Tis the season! ;)

<3  Gretchen

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't believe it's already time for Christmas!! Love it!