Sunday, November 6, 2011

A post! Wow!

Whoa! I've been pretty MIA lately.
Our play is in TWO weeks.
Okay, less than two weeks for opening night.
The kiddos are doing awesomely!  So, that means rehearsals this week are going to make me want to tear out my hair.
No biggie.
The play's called Rumors.
Neil Simon wrote it.
It's pretty funny!  The kids really like it and are seriously funny.


I had a WHOLE bottle of wine today.
It was Moscato, which isn't thaaaaaat bad, so it's all good.
I guess you could say I'm slightly stressed out.
But my face is numb! So it's all good!

I'm sure my momma is so proud.

So, I'm taking a poll!  What's your job?  What do you do? Do you love it?

We made Melts today.
If you don't know what The Melt Bar and Grilled is, you need to get your sweet little hiney to Cleveland and enjoy. Seriously.
We make our version of the great grilled cheese maybe every two months. I cannot wait to get back. Yay, Cleveland!
We made chex mix, too.  A double batch.

Exams are in two weeks or so.  I cannot believe the end of the trimester is upon us.
I need to start decorating for Christmas.
My two hour nap today may have gotten in the way.
I did do 5 loads of laundry, though!
That has to count for something!

Oh! Mrs. Monologues is hosting lots o' give aways!

Check it out here. IF technology lets me post the button.
Stupid technology.">" />

Have a fantabulous week, lovelies!

<3 Gretchen

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