Friday, July 26, 2013

The epitome of lazy.

I have a severe case of the lazies today.

And it's not like I've been rushing around, busy for weeks and just needed a break. Nope.  I've been on summer vacation for a while now, and I'm just EXTRA lazy today.  I actually crawled back into bed to rest.  REST.  To rest from what?  All my resting?

It's not like I haven't been doing things.

Things I've accomplished or wanted to accomplish this summer.

  • I wanted to read. A lot.  And I have!  I read The Help, The Book Thief, Night...and I'm reading The Things They Carried.  My list is super long, so I have a bit left to go!
  • I'm not teaching drama this year, so I needed to move rooms. Check!  And it was lots of work! Heavy lifting! Sorting! Building IKEA bookshelves (Thanks mom and dad!)!
  • I'm all caught up on laundry today, so there's that...
And that's about it for accomplishments.

I still have time, yes.  But many things I want/need to get done.

  • I had big plans on organizing my classroom.  This can still happen.
  • Organizing my house?  Maybe next year. Maybe.
  • I wanted to lose 10 pounds this summer.  Or more! Guess how much I've lost??? Guess? NONE.  Not one flipping pound.  I suppose in the four weeks of summer vacation I have left, I could lose 4 pounds.
  • I was going to turn into a good blogger.
  • I wanted to teach myself piano.
  • I wanted to write songs again.
  • I wanted to write, take pictures, become a better person...
So many much time wasted.
We have been running, though. Not as much as I hoped, but the heat wave last week kind of knocked my socks off.
We are doing the Warrior Dash again this weekend. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I decided that was a good idea again. Hopefully it's just as fun as last year?
We also signed up for a half marathon. Oh my.

So there's that.

When I'm working, I'm totally not lazy at work.  I'm busy all the time, always doing something, so I think that's why when I slow down in the summer, it's basically a STOP.  Any other teachers experience this?  I mean, I do school-type things at home, etc, but I'm definitely moving at a snail's pace for any and everything.  I just kind of shut off for a bit.

What have you done/not done this summer?


Katie said...

i want to do a warrior dash sometime! hope it went well!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I definitely didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to this summer but I still had lots of fun!