Monday, February 18, 2013


Today I...

Ran almost two miles on the treadmill (and did almost 5 on the bike!)
Graded 14 outside reading papers
Made a banana oatmeal smoothie (that B liked!)
Made chicken/veggie stir fry (and now I'm hungry again!)
Only ate one thing that's not super healthy (organic graham cracker bunnies from Target)
Did four loads of laundry
Will paint my nails
(well, we) Decided that we want to go to Punta Cana for vacation! I cannot wait!

Yesterday I...

Got my family to go back to school with me and paint set for two hours!
Relaxed and caught up on some DVR shows
Found out my Cougar Town episodes haven't been taping (it's on past my bed!)

Saturday I...

Went to dinner with Bryan and his family for his dad's 70th Birthday!
Picked up a cake for said birthday (it was delicious, and thank you momma for the idea!)
Went shopping with my momma (she bought me two cardigans from JC Penny! Thanks, Mom!)
Bought two new CDs...The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men

This week I will...

Grade 34 research papers
Hold a cappella auditions for a talent competition in April
Have four after school drama rehearsals
PLAN PLAN PLAN for third tri (I've already started this!)
Get the music for the musical!

Eventually I...

Will teach myself piano
Practice singing/guitar
Write more often
Read more often
Stress less
Worry less
Not be angry about things I cannot control
Care more about the things I want to care about, not things I'm told are important

What will you do this week? :)

ETA--I think I'm addicted to Pinterest. Is there a 12 step program for this? :)

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