Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today I...

made a crock pot dinner...but forgot to plug the crock pot in.  Luckily, I noticed 30 minutes into "cooking," so I think it will be salvaged. Oops. I'm making the delicious chicken dish on pinterest (that narrows it down!)...the one with the Italian dressing packet, garlic powder, cream cheese, cream of chicken and eventually, pasta. It smells amazing (now that it's actually cooking)...I'll let you know how it goes.

did my lesson plan online for my evaluation tomorrow.  It my most "active" hour of the day.  The week before final exams. And Thanksgiving break. Lord help me.

cleaned two of the three bathrooms. (As I type, I'm pondering cleaning the third.)

did three loads of laundry.

ran four miles. It was a torturous legs felt like lead. I'm still happy I did it :).  Plus, it was outside in gloriously and unseasonably warm November weather.

watched "Elf." I love that movie.

"Home Alone" is on now. :)  It's like I'm 12.

Yesterday I...

bought two birthday presents...I love being ahead of schedule...which for me, is extremely rare.  Buying clothes for kids can be fun!

shopped with my momma. I love you, momma! :) <3 p="p">
had dinner at my parents' with my husband, brother, and s-i-l. It was fun (and tasty!)

This past week I...

worked 48 hours...just at school...that doesn't even count hours at home.

had 4 after-school drama rehearsals.

met our new assistant principal.

ate at home 5 nights (pizza one night, and one night at my mom's!)  That has pretty much never happened. :)

signed up to make green bean casserole for our work Thanksgiving :).  It's my signature dish! (I use cream of chicken instead of cream of much better!).

ran on my treadmill twice...when does that get easier?  I'm super slow as it is, and I feel even slower and less coordinated on there!

What did you do this week? :)

--Gretchen :)

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